Whisper Wash Little Big Guy LBG2400


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LBG2400 Whisper Wash 24 inch Little Big Guy Surface Cleaner provides bigger surface coverage to save you time and deliver higher quality on large surfaces.


Durability is provided by the powder-coated aluminum and steel axle, as well as the resilient cleaning brush that ensures to limit the water to the applied surface and not the operator. The swivel has enough power to utilize either two or four tip spray bar, due to it's self-lubricating twin thrust bearings.


It is standard for the LBG2400 Little Big Guy to come with the 2-tip bar.

You can purchase and install the 4-tip bar separately.




  • Standard 2-tip spray bar nozzles: 25025
  • Clean 24 inches at once
  • Can be used with either 2-tip or 4-tip spray bar
  • Quick Connections
  • Trigger Gun controlled
  • Powder Coated Stainless Steel for Durability
  • Lightweight Aluminum Cover
  • Balanced & Machined Spray Bar
  • Hot & Cold Water Applications
  • Saves time over cleaning by wand only
  • Eliminates Zebra Striping


The LiL Big Guy incorporates the signature balanced and machined spray bar of all Whisper Wash® systems with a wide surface coverage area to provide a comfortable and highly efficient flat surface cleaner.


With a 24″ diameter and aircraft grade aluminum housing, it is built tough for the big job. The Lil Big Guy’s pivoting wheel design and a heavy-duty nylon brush provide for easy navigation through large areas while still containing the pressurized spray.


Constructed with powder coated aluminum and a steel axis assembly, this machine provides added surface coverage to do the big job. The resilient brush ensures that spray is confined to the surface area and not the operator or surrounding area. While the self lubricating twin thrust bearings provide the power to utilize either a two or four tip spray bar.


When you have the big job to do, The LiL Big Guy can get it done for you. With a 24″ diameter, pivoting wheel design, and a lightweight housing, the Big Guy easily maneuvers over large surface areas. Constructed tough with aircraft grade aluminum this is the machine to take on the big job.

The Lil Big Guy Handle Construction


The molded trigger gun control of The LiL Big Guy provides easy gripping to ensure constant control over the running machine. The quick disconnect lever is conveniently located so that the operator may disengage the hose to spray out corners and curbs. Go ahead and put your hands on a Whisper Wash® Professional Rotary Srpay System today!


The LiL Big Guy – Check Out The Tires


The LiL Big Guy is designed with two rear never flat tires. Firm, yet receiving to the surface, these tires provide solid traction for maneuvering over large flat surface areas. The quick pivoting front caster provides swift movement around corners and within enclaves.

The LiL Big Guy Flip Up The Cover


When you flip up the cover on The LiL Big Guy you realize the expansive 24″ surface area covered by the rotating tips. This added surface coverage provides increased productivity when completing jobs that cover large, open areas. Surface cleaning is made easy with the balanced spray bar rotation and expansive coverage area provided by TheLiL Big Guy!

All machines are available with 3/8 hoses for users with high GPM.


Additional Features

Quick Connection

Portable Breakaway Handle

Balanced & Machined Spray Bar

Trigger Gun Controlled

Heavy Duty Aluminum Cover

Hot or Cold Water Applications



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Whisper Wash Little Big Guy LBG2400

Whisper Wash Little Big Guy LBG2400