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The HydroPro Gutter Tool was designed with professional pressure washers in mind. Each HydroPro Gutter Tool has dual angled spray jets for effective cleaning and avoidance of whiplash from the walls of the gutter/channel. Unlike conventional systems, this results in increased stability and the reduction of vibration to the connecting pressure washing extension poles/tubes/wand-extensions that can extend at times to multiple floors/stories high. Combined with the upward lift due to angled water jets also reduces fatigue experienced by the operator/ user of the system.



Dual angled nozzles create a lifting effect, reducing fatigue even at multiple stories!



Avoids snags and hangups



Constructed from commercial grade components, the HydroPro contains no moving , rotating, protruding or obstructing parts and hence maintenance free during its service life.



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Introducing the NeutraPods Gator™ Gutter Cleaning Tool Bundle, meticulously designed to meet the demands of professional pressure washers. Each NeutraPods Gator™ Gutter Cleaning Tool boasts dual angled spray jets, ensuring effective gutter cleaning while preventing whiplash from the gutter walls. This innovative design enhances stability, reduces vibrations for extended pressure washing equipment, and minimizes operator fatigue.


The NeutraPods Gator™ Gutter Cleaning Tool Bundle includes:

– One NeutraPods Gator™ Head

– One shepherds hook

– Two 25050 nozzlese


Key Features:

– Professional-Grade Design: Tailored for professionals, the NeutraPods Gator™ Bundle is a game-changer in gutter cleaning.

– Lightweight and Snag-Resistant: Its low-profile, angular design prevents obstruction by gutter supports, spikes, and attachments.

– Efficient Debris Removal: Two spray jets on opposite sides swiftly eliminate debris and clogs, streamlining the cleaning process.

– Quick Connectors: Industry-standard quick connectors make attachment and detachment a breeze when connecting to your pressure washer.

– Zero Maintenance: Constructed from commercial-grade components, the NeutraPods Gator™ requires no maintenance throughout its service life.

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Gutter Tool Bundle

Gutter Tool Bundle