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3-Way Hayward Mixing System MPWSR

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The patent-pending Hayward Valves allows you to draw from individual tanks of  pure products and proportion them to your individual desired mix.


Need a 20% mix on the roof and 5% on the house that’s no problem simply set your mix ratio and, when you need to change it, turn the valve. Never again will your mix be too strong or too weak, the Manatee Mixing System will allow you to adjust your mix on the fly. The system works on the inlet side of your pump system.


The Manatee Mixing 3 way Hayward System is compatible with:

  • 12v Pumps
  • Air Diaphragm Pumps
  • Booster Pumps
  • and many other on demand pump systems.


Never have to batch mix your chemicals again with the Manatee Mixing System.

Manatee Mix


*Please note, we put these together in the shop but do not test them for leaks. If you find that this is leaking, take apart the joint and re-glue / re-tape the thread to see if that solves the issue.*

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3-Way Hayward Mixing System MPWSR

3-Way Hayward Mixing System MPWSR