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Heath Felps – 20-year retired Navy Chief Petty Officer serving in the Submarine service. In the past 2 years, Heath has landed in the pressure wash industry serving as a mentor to many new business owners wishing to start the journey of starting their own service company. His short time in the industry has not discouraged him in being proactive in offering the “do’s and don’ts of starting a service based business”. Stemming from his very own experience, Heath’s unique ability to connect-the-dots has helped thousands of new and experienced service providers across the United States. As a career Navy Submariner, serving comes second nature for Heath and his story has served as an “Inspirational starting point” for many that have heard him speak. His book “Pressure Washing 101 Guide: How To Start Your Business” is an industry best seller and an excellent starting point for pricing, equipment, and cleaning methods. His desire to deliver value and quality service led him to found Texas Pressure Washing Store building custom skids and trailers.

Our team is made up of 90% veterans and most of us are retired from the Navy and Army.  If you need something custom our shop can build it right the first time and support you throughout owning it.  If you buy from us you’re family.


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