The Ball Valve... YEAH THAT ONE!

The Ball Valve... YEAH THAT ONE!

You already know what this post is about!


This Ball Valve is crushing it right now! For so many years the standard DN-10 Ball Valve has been the go-to ball valve for many guys in the pressure washing and paver sealing industry. The Dn10 is known working well with many different pressure washers and different applications! The DN10 is often used as rinse down tool and works great for watering plants when your cleaning a roof! But the main reason this ball valve has been so revolutionary (literally) for the pressure washing and paver sealing industry is because its a high pressure ball valve that you can actually turn, it works long term, and is a reliable tool to have on your trailer. The DN-10 is the easiest and quickest way to switch from your pressure washer gun over to your surface cleaner and then back again without having to walk ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE DAMN TRUCK to turn the machine off and switch from the gun to the surface cleaner only to go back and do it all over again!

With all that awesomeness being said... The original DN10 ball valve has some issues. Out of the box you lose the cap that keep the lock nut from backing off. That nut doesn't have a Nylock thread so will back off over time. The internals weren't designed to handle chemicals in heavier mix ratios.

This beauty has all the right features you're looking for and is in the right material for the job as well. Stainless Steel Material - Lock Nut to stop the nut from backing off, screw on plastic cap that won't get lost before your first use and Viton seals! Its rated for 5000 PSI, and is ready to tackle the job.

This ball valve is one tool that everyone can really rely on out in the field. Get two or three today for your rigs, we promise you will love them!

So now you know why everyone is talking about this thing! If you want to buy one for yourself to see just how good it really is, CLICK HERE!

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